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Does 3+2 = 5 Axis Milling?

December 03, 2019

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Companies around the world are investing at an increasing rate in high end 5 axis machines. However, on the programming side many operators are only running the machines using a positional rotational method. When asked about 5 axis milling, some of the answers are:

  1. 5 axis is too difficult.
  2. The software used does not have good 5 axis strategies.
  3. Lack of machine capability know-how.
  4. Lack of training and limited simulation options to protect this high end machine.

Tebis will dive into the options that are available for utilizing the most out of your 5 axis machine and explain 3+2 axis milling is not 5 axis but a positional 3 axis operation.

Primary Topics:

  • Different Strategies for 5 axis milling
  • Ease of use for 5 axis operation
  • Integrated 5 axis Virtual Simulation to protect the process
  • Planning options for 5 axis operations

Michael Thiessen
Sales Manager, Tebis
Michael Thiessen is the Sales Manager for Tebis America. Michael has over twenty five years of experience in Machining / CAD CAM technologies, and has been with Tebis America for over fifteen years holding various positions. His experience in cutting technologies, manufacturing processes, the Tebis software solution and his ability to advise and guide clients have benefited hundreds of companies.