A Firsthand Story: Why I Implemented Cobots at My Machine Shop

June 09, 2020

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Fusion OEM

This webinar will share the firsthand story of Fusion OEM's collaborative robot journey, starting with why and how President Craig Zoberis added cobots to his machine shop’s Haas CNC mills and lathes, and how he became a Certified Systems Integrator for Universal Robots. Craig will be joined by Brian Conner, Channel Development Manager from Universal Robots, who will provide an overview of collaborative robot technology, benefits of cobots and projected growth.

Primary Topics:

  • Collaborative robot basics: technology, safety, and projected growth
  • How cobots helped Fusion combat the growing skills gap
  • How cobots work alongside Fusion's machinists, allowing them to focus on more advanced tasks
  • Real-time data tracking of CNC machine performance, both before and after robot integration


Brian Conner
Channel Development Manager, Universal Robots
After earning a degree in International Business from Southern Illinois University, Brian entered the manufacturing world in 2007 focusing on helping manufacturers with factory automation. After serving for ten years in the industrial coupling industry with R+W, Brian entered the world of collaborative robots. He transitioned to Universal Robots where he serves as a Channel Development Manager for several Midwest states.

Craig Zoberis
President, Fusion Cobotics
Craig Zoberis is the Founder and President of Fusion OEM, a contract manufacturer of light industrial equipment for OEMs and Certified Systems Integrator for Universal Robots. Zoberis has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Marquette University and an MBA from Saint Xavier University. In April of 2019, he received Marquette University’s Opus College of Engineering Entrepreneurial Award.