Machine Monitoring 4.0: Transforming Insights Into Actions

February 26, 2020

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The value driven by machine monitoring is far greater than simply just collecting data. It is a tool for powering the entire manufacturing analytics journey, from gaining real-time visibility into what's happening on the shop floor right now, to diagnosing current problems and predicting future issues, and, most importantly, for taking action on these data-driven insights to optimize an existing manufacturing process or create a new, better process.

By creating trigger-based notifications and workflow systems with MachineMetrics, your team can now transform these insights into actions. For inefficient performance reasons like setups, cycle times and tooling changes that exceed expectations to alarms, load spikes, and other machine conditions that indicate potential maintenance issues, MachineMetrics helps deliver the right information to the right person at the right time, letting them know exactly what they need to do to take corrective action.

Primary Topics:

  • How to start using your machine data to improve shop floor processes
  • How to identify use case for your operation that deliver immediate value
  • How to measure the value/ROI of business process transformations


C. Todd Lombardo

VP of Product, MachineMetrics

Originally trained as a scientist, C. Todd Lombardo is the VP of Product at MachineMetrics, a leading Industry 4.0 IoT startup based in Boston. He has held job titles ranging from scientist, to engineer, to product manager, to designer, and even professor. He also serves on the adjunct faculty at IE Business School in Madrid, as well as Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). He is a published O'Reilly Media author with two titles: Design Sprint (2015) and Product Roadmaps Relaunched (2017) and is working on his third title: Product Research Rules (2020).