Hole Making in Stainless Steel – Application Tips and Troubleshooting for Drilling and Tapping

October 17, 2019

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Whether you are drilling or tapping, learn best practices and troubleshooting for optimal hole making application results. As your reliable cutting tool manufacturer, Dormer Pramet wants to ensure you are supported as best as possible to do your job well. When working in Stainless Steel, there are a variety of tips the cutting tool experts at Dormer Pramet can share with you to optimize your processes.

Grab your afternoon coffee and join the Dormer Pramet Product Managers as they give you the extra real-world knowledge needed to have a deeper understanding of hole-making applications.

Primary Topics:
• Best practices for working in Stainless Steel
• Tips and Tricks for Troubleshooting Stainless Steel
• Real world scenarios for Drilling and Tapping

Gary Kirchoff
Global Product Manager, Round Tools; Dormer Pramet
Gary has been working in the cutting tool sector for more than thirty years. He has specialized in various positions within Product Management, including that of Round Tool Specialist and Product Manager of Carbide Drilling. With an extensive knowledge of hole-making applications, he develops and executes product strategy for Dormer Pramet's vast cutting tool portfolio, as well as responding to and supporting end user application requests.