Tips and Technology for Increasing Efficiency in Grinding

October 22, 2020

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DCM robotics

How has technology changed the grinding industry? Doug Henke will cover the key points in identifying your current grinding process, finding choke points and bottle necks, and the addition of new technology to help maximize your ROI. Doug will also touch on some industries best served by grinding technology and tips on how you can start to implement it in your facility.

Primary Topics:

  • Identifying the key points of your current grinding process
  • Key advancements in grinding machine technology
  • The top industries served by advanced grinding technology
  • Steps to update grinding process in the age of automation

Doug Henke
Technical Specialist, DCM Tech
Doug has been with DCM for four years and is currently a Technical Speciliast covering the southern and southeastern US, Mexico, and South America. Doug has been involved with machine sales and manufacturing for nearly 20 years. Before working with DCM, Doug spent 6 years in the US Navy.