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Organizational Issues

Additive manufacturing is a disruptive technology; incorporating 3D printing into an existing business is no easy task and requires the buy-in and support of the C-suite. In addition to the equipment and facility requirements summarized in the previous section, the effective use of AM also means that companies will have to reconsider the designs of their products, how they think about production, perhaps even the kinds of materials that they use. If a company is willing to embrace these changes, the payoffs can include simplified assemblies that require fewer fasteners and less labor; better performing products; less stock held in inventory; and much more. Greg Morris, then with GE Additive, spoke about the opportunities and changes that GE as an organization has seen with 3D printing in the below video.

Companies looking to implement or grow the use of additive manufacturing for production need to do so intentionally, with support from management, engineers and sales—not to mention customers.

How to Implement Additive Manufacturing Across a Global Company

This article provides guidelines for bringing 3D printing into a business’s core operations. The tips come from a large global contract manufacturer, but can be applied to businesses of any size.



Ignore Additive Manufacturing at Your Peril

"I think you ignore additive manufacturing at your peril," says Greg Morris of GE Additive. Representatives of John Deere, Smith & Nephew, B&J Specialty and Tangible Solutions share their views on the same question: "Is additive manufacturing for real?"



Trends to Watch

Additive manufacturing is still a young development, and the different 3D printing processes it describes will continue to mature and advance.

The Harsh Realities of Additive Manufacturing

Now is the time to start talking about what is really holding additive manufacturing back.

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