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7/12/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Barnes International Named a General Motors Supplier of the Year

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Barnes International Inc. was recently recognized by General Motors for quality, performance and innovation.


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Barnes International Inc. was recently named a GM Supplier of the Year by General Motors during its 26th annual Supplier of the Year awards ceremony in Orlando, Florida. GM recognized 132 suppliers from 17 countries who have consistently exceeded the company’s expectations, created outstanding value or brought new innovations to the company. This year marks the largest number of recognized suppliers in one year since the award’s debut in 1992, and it is the first time Barnes International Inc. has received the award.

The award honors suppliers who distinguish themselves by meeting performance metrics for quality, execution, innovation and total enterprise cost. Award winners represent companies who provide products and services to General Motors in the areas of vehicle components, supply chain and logistics, customer care and after-sales, and indirect services.

“We are honored to be chosen as GM Supplier of the Year for 2017,” says David Gollob, Barnes International CEO and chairman. “Our long-term strategic partnership has helped us grow in levels of sophistication and systems which drive the quality, on-time delivery and product innovation honored with this award. We look forward to continuing meeting the challenge and surpassing it.”

“The automotive industry is transforming at an incredible rate. The relationships we have with our supply base means everything when it comes to delivering a strong vehicle lineup today and the cutting-edge vehicles and mobility services of tomorrow,” says Steve Kiefer, GM senior vice president, global purchasing and supply chain.


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