Big Kaiser Enables Buyers to Find, Purchase Demo Equipment

“These are like dealer-certified pre-owned cars,” says Big Kaiser’s VP of sales and engineering.


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Big Kaiser Stock Check

A new feature of Big Kaiser’s online Stock Check now enables buyers to search for discounted demonstration inventory. This category includes nearly 200 boring tools, toolholders and other accessories that have been lightly used for machining demonstrations or for trial applications and still perform like new.

“We want to be flexible in supporting our customers with lower-cost options as much as possible,” says Jack Burley, VP sales and engineering.

Big Kaiser’s Stock Check is used to search products by catalog number or description. Users can apply a filter to see all U.S. inventory or only the quantity of discounted demo units available.

“These are like dealer-certified pre-owned cars,” Mr. Burley says. “They have been in a machine or on display at a trade show and returned to inventory but may have a small blemish or scratch so they can’t be sold as new. Each tool is carefully inspected and packaged with all the required spare parts and wrenches.”

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