Conference to Focus on Understanding, Implementing Industry 4.0 Technologies

The Integr8 conference will be hosted by the Michigan manufacturing association Automation Alley and will feature material revolving around eight “disruptive” technology areas related to advanced manufacturing.

Automation Alley,

a Michigan technology and manufacturing business association, is hosting the Integr8 Conference, a cross-disciplinary global conference focused on Industry 4.0 technologies. Scheduled for November 9, 2017, the Detroit, Michigan, conference is expected to attract 500 manufacturing and technology professionals. The goal will be to promote understanding of what the association calls the eight key technologies associated with Industry 4.0, or the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution: cybersecurity; big data and artificial intelligence; additive manufacturing; advanced materials; robotics; the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT); cloud computing and modeling; and simulation and visualization

“Smart, connected factories have created both immense opportunities and great challenges for manufacturers both locally and across the globe. Because the speed of change related to Industry 4.0 is so rapid, manufacturers, especially the small and medium-sized manufacturers, need help navigating this uncharted territory. That’s why we created Integr8,” says Tom Kelly, Automation Alley’s CEO and executive director. “Through Integr8, we are delivering knowledge to help ensure companies embrace the technological changes associated with Industry 4.0 and don’t get left behind.”

In addition to guest speakers, Integr8 will also feature a targeted technology expo, panel discussions, and breakout sessions with Industry 4.0 experts focused on advancements in manufacturing, how to overcome obstacles to adoption, financial ROI and blueprints for successful implementation in the eight technology areas. Attendees can register for the conference at

Automation Alley, visit

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