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DMG MORI to Host Manufacturing Days Event Focusing on Automation-Equipped Machines

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Attendees will have the chance to see 13 machine tools at the October event, most equipped with some type of automation, as well as take in training sessions and talks. 


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During Manufacturing Days, taking place October 8-9 at DMG MORI’s factory in Davis, California, the company will present its most recent product developments horizontal machining, automation, additive manufacturing, and digitalization. Visitors will have the opportunity to see 13 machine tools, most of them equipped with automation, including the ALX 2500|500 with GX, the CMX 1100 V with Matris, and the NHX 4000 with LPP. The schedule includes multiple training sessions and seminars as well.

The DMG MORI campus in Davis contains the U.S. factory and DMG MORI’s American Research and Development hub. The location between San Francisco and Sacramento is said to enable the machine tool manufacturer to be closer to many of its North American customers. 

With the local production of the NHX and NH machines, DMG MORI emphasizes its competence in horizontal machining at the plant. During Manufacturing Days, six of these machines will be shown to visitors, four of them automated with LPP or RPS products. 



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