Doosan, CAMplete Solutions Enter Cooperative Agreement


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In a partnership, Doosan Machine Tools now offers CAMplete Solutions’ CAMplete TruePath software on its milling machines. Equipping Doosan’s CNC machines with CAMplete’s verification, postprocessing and simulation software will save users time and money, according to the companies.

“Offering CAMplete’s TruePath software allows us to provide a proven, universal postprocessor that also includes verification and optimization for the most efficient use of our customers’ Doosan five-axis and five-sided milling machines,” says Jim Shiner, director of sales and marekting with Doosan. “The collision detection offered with TruePath brings peace of mind, lowers the learning curve for those new to five-axis machining and truly helps save time and money.”

“This partnership will provide our mutual customers with a rock solid ‘out of the box’ solution. This is a tremendous added value for any new and existing Doosan customer, especially as both machines and software get more complex every year,” says Jeff Fritsch, vice president of sales and marketing with CAMplete. “Customers are noticing and invest heavily into five-axis machines, and this new partnership is here to ensure they get the most out of their machine.”


  • Programming A Robot The Way You Program A CNC Machine Tool

    Programming a robot with the same CAM software used for a multi-axis machine tool makes it unnecessary to “teach” the robot by jogging it manually from point to point and recording these point-to-point moves as the robot’s motion commands. Robotmaster is a software package that provides this CAD/CAM-based, off-line programming for robots. It runs fully integrated inside Mastercam CAM software for CNC machine tools.

  • Understanding Post Processors

    What is a post processor? A software engineer from CNC Software, makers of Mastercam programming software, explains the different types of CNC post processors, the different types of post processor users and the different levels of functionality in post processors.

  • B-Axis Turn/Mills Have Their Place

    The additional rotary milling axis on these machines allows them to complete many types of complex parts in a single setup, but these machines have gained a reputation for being difficult to program. Today’s CAM software, however, eases the programming challenge significantly.