FANUC America and Plus One Robotics Form Logistics Solution

FANUC America and Plus One Robotics have jointly created a fulfillment solution using FANUC robots and Plus One AI to automate repetitive sorting tasks.


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A press image of FANUC and Plus One Robotics' fulfillment solution

FANUC America and Plus One Robotics have paired their technologies to create a flexible fulfillment solution that meets the needs of e-commerce customers. 

This solution incorporates a FANUC robot and Plus One’s AI-powered PickOne perception system to identify and sort conveyable items without requiring traditional vision training. The AI-powered system can adapt to variations in product material, size and shape, as well as intermixed, random delivery. If any exceptions occur, Plus One’s “Yonder” human-in-the-loop function notifies a “Crew Chief” who can remotely manage the exception, minimizing the interruption and providing seamless sustained automatic operation. Combined with a high-performance FANUC industrial robot, the companies say the system can outperform a comparable manual operation. Users benefit from shorter pick times, better order accuracy, enhanced inventory security, higher productivity, reduced operating expenses and improved ergonomics.

“We recently welcomed Plus One into our Authorized System Integrator network as a System Solution Advisor, and their technology is a great complement to our strength in robotics,” says Mike Cicco, president and CEO of FANUC America. “We’ve worked together on several successful fulfillment projects involving warehouse robots, and I’m looking forward to showcasing our combined strengths to other companies in the e-commerce, logistics and warehouse segments.”   

FANUC America will feature this new robotic fulfillment technology in its Customer Experience Center (CEC) located at the company’s headquarters in Rochester Hills, Michigan. 

“Having the FANUC/Plus One solution here in our CEC will allow us to demonstrate the benefits of reliable, AI-powered automation to help companies increase efficiencies and reallocate people from doing repetitive tasks to higher-level responsibilities,” adds Cicco.

“For companies that want to improve supply chain automation, FANUC robots and Yonder’s remote vision capabilities deliver greater flexibility for workforce management and higher efficiencies and outputs,” says Erik Nieves, founder and CEO of Plus One Robotics.

For more information contact: www.fanucamerica.com/warehousing. 


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