GF Machining Solutions Appoints New Leadership Roles

The former president of the Americas region has been promoted to head the global organization. 


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GF Machining Solutions has announced two key leadership changes that became effective at the beginning of September 2019. Scott Fosdick, former president and head of market region North and Central America, has been promoted to the position of head of sales, marketing, business development and communications for the global organization. Phil Hauser, formerly the director of sales and head of turbine group at GF Machining Solutions USA, will assume Mr. Fosdick’s former position as North and Central America president.


Scott Fosdick

Scott Fosdick, head of sales, marketing, business development and communications for GF Machining Solutions globally.

Since 1994, Mr. Fosdick has worked in a variety of capacities for GF Machining Solutions, including field service engineer, advanced technical support manager, service and applications manager for the Asia region, president of GF Machining Solutions in southern China, and market segment manager for aerospace and automotive in Asia, before returning to the United States to become president and head of market region Americas. In his new position, Mr. Fosdick will oversee all sales, marketing, communications and business development activities for the global organization.


Phil Hauser

Phil Hauser, president and head of market region North and Central America. 

“Today’s manufacturing landscape is more competitive than ever. Business changes in real time,” says Mr. Fosdick. “As a company, we are committed to continuous improvement on a global scale, both in terms of technology and how we work with customers to solve problems.”

Mr. Hauser joined GF Machining Solutions in 2015 and has since served as director of sales and most recently as head of the turbine group, Liechti America. Prior to his work at GF Machining Solutions, he was president of Emco Maier Corp. and sales manager at MS Precision Components LLC. As president of market region North and Central America, Hauser is responsible for sales, marketing and service operations for the region.

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