GWS Tool Group Acquires Taurus Tool & Engineering

GWS Tool Group has acquired Taurus Tool and Engineering, a manufacturer of precision custom round, HSS and carbide-step tools.


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A photo with a text overlay announcing GWS Tool Group's acquisition of Taurus Tool & Engineering

GWS Tool Group has acquired Taurus Tool & Engineering, a manufacturer of precision custom cutting tools. Taurus is GWS’ first acquisition in 2021, following three previous acquisitions in 2020.

Taurus’ product capability includes custom thread-on modular tooling, combination tools for the elimination of multi-tool operations and complex HSS and carbide step tools for aerospace and automotive applications. The company features a recently re-built 25,000-square-foot facility outfitted with cutting-edge CNC grinding and inspection equipment. Between its successful manufacturing processes, high level of quality control and reputation for swift problem resolution at the spindle, Taurus has grown quickly and become well-known for high-quality complex round tool solutions.

“Taurus Tool & Engineering is an obvious match and fit for our organization,” says Rick McIntyre, GWS’ CEO. “On the carbide side, they bring a host of complimentary skill sets to our organization, while bolting on new capability in the areas of high-speed tools and custom modular tooling technology know-how. Previously, GWS has had to bypass certain niches like HSS tooling, and now we can offer our customers and partners in distribution another reason to consolidate with GWS.”

“I am very excited for Taurus Tool to be joining GWS Tool Group,” says Jim Kantak, co-owner and president of Taurus Tool & Engineering. “We have overcome and accomplished so much in a short period of time and are thrilled to continue delivering our precision-engineered solutions via the GWS Tool Group.”

GWS’ continued expansion by way of acquisitions and constant investment in skilled people and powerful technology and equipment better positions it to serve customers operating in advanced machining environments, especially in the areas of custom round and insert tooling.


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