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Haimer Signs Cooperation Agreement with DMG MORI, Acquires Tool Presetting Company

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DMG MORI will now source all its tool presetting, balancing and shrinking products from Haimer.


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The cooperative partnership between the Haimer Group and DMG MORI has been strengthened with a cooperation agreement which sets the standards for a premium partnership involving Haimer’s tool presetting, balancing and shrinking products. Henceforth, DMG MORI will source all products related to tool presetting, balancing and shrinking, including shrink-fit holders as well Tool Rooms, exclusively from Haimer.

All DMG MORI technology and solution centers as well as production plants will be equipped with Haimer products.

In addition to the partnership, Haimer acquired DMG MORI’s company Microset GmbH, which now operates under the name Haimer Microset GmbH. The company makes tool presetting technology.

“We will present our first joint products regarding the Smart Tool Management as early as the 2017 EMO show in Hannover,” says Christian Thönes, CEO of DMG MORI AG. The cooperation agreement entails that DMG MORI will continue to display Microset products during exhibitions and open houses and that they will continue to distribute these products through its global sales and service companies. 


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