Halter CNC Robotics to Host Open House

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The highlight of the event will be the company’s LoadAssistant line of universal robots for machine tool workpiece loading/unloading.


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Halter CNC Robotics will host an open house October 25-26, 2017 at its showroom in Cascade, Iowa. The company will feature its LoadAssistant product line, which comprises universal robots for workpiece loading of CNC machines. There will be live demonstrations of both the Halter Universal and Halter Stacker.

Those interested in attending can email the company at info@haltercncrobotics.com.

Due to its ease of setup, standard and flexible configuration, the LoadAssistant is perfectly suitable for quantities ranging from 25 to 1000's of workpieces.

“The only answer to increase the amount of spindle hours is automation,” says Founder and Director Wouter van Halteren. “With a set up time of only minutes, we make automation possible for every machine shop. No robot experience is required and it works immediately.”


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