Hi-Speed Corp. Now Represents YG-1 on U.S. West Coast

Hi-Speed’s decision comes after representing Widia-Hanita for more than 25 years.


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Jonathan Saada, president and founder of Hi-Speed Corp., a manufacturing distributor in the aerospace sector, has announced that his company will represent cutting tool manufacturer YG-1This decision comes after representing Widia-Hanita for more than 25 years.

YG-1 has produced a video concerning the partnership: 

Mr. Saada says that it was YG-1’s performance, broad portfolio and product value that convinced him to represent the company: “That’s why we decided to be proactive with this decision—for our customers and distributor partners. We have a team of 10 experienced professionals and we are eager to support the existing network of YG-1 distributors with the goal of growing YG-1 sales on the West Coast.”

“As a team, YG-1, Hi-Speed and our distribution partners will work together to bring tremendous value to our customers through industry-leading products and exceptional support services,” says Brian Rabe, YG-1 CEO for North America. “With the shared goal of making YG-1 the first choice in aerospace machining solutions and the world’s leading full-line supplier of cutting tools, this relationship will help us meet our objectives quickly.”

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