Meccanica Nova Celebrates 10 Years of Solar Power at Its Factory

The Italian plant’s solar panels have produced over 7,244,020 kW of clean energy during that time.


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Meccanica Nova SpA, manufacturer of CNC Grinding Systems for the automotive, aerospace and bearing industries, and parent company to Meccanica Nova Corp., is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the installation of a photovoltaic power system at its Bologna, Italy, factory.

The company says that since its inception in 1937, the sun has been the primary energy source for the company’s factories. Meccanica Nova says that its 3,425 photovoltaic solar panels produced over 7,244,020 kW of clean energy by the conclusion of 2018, achieving a company goal set 10 years ago.

“We believe that our philosophy to reinvest profits back into our company has helped us maintain our benchmark status in the industry,” says Andrea Catone, director of sales and marketing for Meccanica Nova SpA.

The company added that the choice to invest into renewable sources of energy was the natural consequence of its daily commitment to preserving the environment.