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3/12/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Launches CNC Quick Tip Video Series

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The short YouTube videos are intended to bolster the company’s post-sale customer support by providing answers to commonly-asked questions. 


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Mitsubishi Electric Automation has launched a series of CNC Quick Tip videos on YouTube, intended for those who use, sell or build machine tools with CNC products from the company. The videos answer commonly-asked CNC questions and explain how to perform various functions on Mitsubishi Electric’s CNC products. 

The first videos in the series address the layout of Mitsubishi controls, customizing counters on the monitor page, and performing a program search using an SD card, memory or HDD. Future videos will include topics such as transferring programs to an SD card, USB or via Ethernet, how to set up tool management data, and using the buffer correction function, among other topics.

For end users, the videos are said to provide useful information on how to use the control and will be especially helpful if the users are transitioning from other manufacturers’ controls. Dealers and machine tool builders can use the videos to help in their sales efforts by demonstrating to existing and potential customers how to use machines incorporated with Mitsubishi Electric controls.

“The CNC Quick Tip videos are part of our commitment to post-sale customer support. When users want fast answers to questions while they’re on the plant floor, these videos offer an easy, convenient way to find solutions,” says Scott Strache, CNC product manager.  “We also want to provide quick answers to dealers and machine tool builders who sell our CNC products.”


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