ONA Electroerosion Acquires U.S. EDM Manufacturer

AAEDM is a smaller OEM that makes machines for micro hole machining.


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ONA Electroerosion S.A. (Durango, Spain), of which ONA EDM USA Inc. is its U.S. subsidiary, has acquired a 30-percent share in AAEDM (Ann Arbor, Michigan), a manufacturer of EDMs for high-precision micro holes. The acquisition, ONA says, adds micro hole EDM technology to its wire and sinker EDM product offerings in the power generation, aerospace, automotive and medical sectors.

The acquisition complements ONA’s growth strategy, opening the door to new business opportunities worldwide with the involvement of both new and existing customers. ONA adds that the deal will result in an expansion of AAEDM products to new markets such as Europe, where AAEDM’s line is virtually unknown.

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