Open Mind, Grob Systems to Host Joint Seminar on Five-Axis Machining


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Open Mind Technologies USA has announced a joint seminar on five-axis machining technology with Grob Systems, a manufacturer of universal machining centers. The free seminar will take place June 4, 2019 in Auburn, Washington, at Machine Tools Northwest. 

Registration is requested by May 17. Information can be openmind-tech.com/en/aerospace-day.html

During the seminar, experts from Grob and Open Mind will demonstrate ways manufacturers can make their production facilities more efficient. Technical presentations will alternate with live milling demonstrations, and participants will learn specific manufacturing strategies to boost productivity. 

Live milling demonstrations will include aerospace parts being milled on a Grob G350 five-axis universal machining center. The NC programs will be created using the HyperMill Maxx Machining performance package.


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