Orderfox.com Launches Free RFQ Service

The service takes a “hands-off” approach, providing management and feedback services for the user. 


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Orderfox.com RFQ service

Orderfox.com has launched a free RFQ placement service designed to assist buyers in creating requests for quotes. The move is in line with the company’s goals of digitizing manufacturing work processes by giving buyers access to manufacturers’ extra capacity.

The RFQ service provides a hands-off approach to managing users’ RFQ postings. With the service, Orderfox.com staff inputs and builds RFQs for the user, notifies them when they are ready for review and publishing, provides assistance in managing RFQs and offers suggestions on steps to improve response rates. 

“Providing buyers a streamlined service for helping them post and manage their RFQs to reach a broader market is a strategic goal that helps the industry holistically,” says Brian J. Smith, president of Orderfox.com America. “Orderfox.com was conceived to benefit both manufacturers and buyers by finding them the right production partners quickly and efficiently.” He adds, “We are not here to reduce manufacturer’s revenue with high commissions, forced pricing or hidden fees, we pride ourselves on 100% transparency.”