Siemens Installing Private 5G Network at Deutsche Messe

Siemens is installing a private 5G network at Deutsche Messe, which Siemens hopes will act as a showcase for the possibilities of industrial 5G.


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A stock photo of a globe with an ethernet cable plugged into it

As part of its exhibition at Hannover Messe, Siemens will set up a private 5G campus network in one of the exhibition halls at Deutsche Messe, with a focus on industrial use. The network will span the 1.4-million-square-meter exhibition site’s 30 halls and buildings, as well as its open-air grounds. After the show, Siemens will hand over the network to Deutsche Messe for commercial use. Exhibitors will be able to use the network during trade shows, with companies also being able to use it for tests and field trials outside of trade show times.

Siemens says the exhibition site will therefore become a showcase for the use of 5G in industry. The company predicts the option of operating private 5G networks will enable companies to adapt them specifically to their requirements in terms of performance, reliability and security. In Germany, companies also benefit from the fact that they can use private 5G spectrum exclusively at their sites.

"New network technologies have always been an important driver for innovation,” says Cedrik Neike, member of the board at Siemens AG and CEO of its Digital Industries branch. “Through the use of private 5G networks, companies can make full use of the advantages of this key technology. This paves the way for future-oriented applications — such as mobile robots in manufacturing, autonomous vehicles in logistics or augmented reality applications for service engineers.”

Thanks to fast data transmission via 5G, Siemens says, all components in production can respond to changes almost in real time. It continues by saying that when combined with future technologies such as edge and cloud computing, 5G networks facilitate the flexible analysis of large data volumes, thus acting as a driver for digital transformation in industry.