Titans of CNC Aerospace Academy Uses Mastercam


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Titan Gilroy using Mastercam

Mastercam, developed by CNC Software Inc., is the featured CAD/CAM software in Titans of CNC Aerospace Academy, which launched at the end of June 2020, meant to help train the next generation of CNC machinists.

Titans of CNC Aerospace Academy is a project-based platform teaching high-level manufacturers the skills necessary to produce complex aerospace parts using difficult materials. Mastercam is featured throughout the platform and its content and is being used to produce the majority of the aerospace projects on the Aerospace Academy website.

Titans of CNC will use Mastercam to produce additional aerospace tutorials for the Aerospace Academy website. In addition, they will be recreating their Rocket series, Building Blocks series and The Art of Fixturing series using Mastercam.

“When we set out to build the game-changing Aerospace Academy, we knew from the outset that Mastercam was the only choice for a high-level CAM partner,” says CEO Titan Gilroy. “Just as our real-part-inspired projects challenge users even at the highest level of programming, Mastercam is the greatest software, jam-packed with all of the tools manufacturers need to compete across all industries and meet the tough challenges and ITAR requirements.”

“We are inspired by this next step with TITANS of CNC and the partnership with the Aerospace Academy,” says Meghan West, president of CNC Software Inc. “There is no organization better suited to create this material than Titans of CNC. It is well known that we are suffering from a lack of skilled workers in the manufacturing industry. That shortage is felt from entry level machining all the way to the highest level of precision manufacturing. This Aerospace Academy is where we will see the next generation of the upper echelon. This is where we will find those machinists that are going to innovate, it is where we will find those machinists that are going to push the boundaries, and it is where we will find those machinists that are going to shape the future of manufacturing.”


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