Platform Supports Third-Party Cobot Application Developers

Universal Robots+ and +YOU are intended to simplify application development and implementation for developers, distributors and end users.

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Universal Robots (UR; Odense, Denmark) has launched Universal Robots+ (Plus), a showroom of plug-and-play application solutions for its collaborative robots, simplifying implementation for companies using UR’s products. Universal Robots+ enables the development and distribution of applications revolving around the company’s UR3, UR5 and UR10 collaborative robot arms.

The accessory components offered through the platform, called URCaps, can be customized hardware components (grippers, sensors and so on), software plugins or combinations of both. The first URCaps use grippers and sensors from Canada-based Robotiq. In conjunction with Universal Robots+, the +YOU program provides a free marketing and support platform for application developers of URCaps. The platform is expected to benefit the developer community, distributors and end users. 

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