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Vericut Event Highlights Additive Manufacturing Simulation

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The next release of CGTech's software will enable shops to experiment in order to program a safe hybrid additive/subtractive machining method.


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CGTech reports that its Irvine, California, Vericut Users’ Exchange (VUE) event was a successful kick-off to a series of 25 such events throughout North America this year. VUE meetings are intended for users to learn and exchange ideas and to see new features of the company’s CNC, verification and optimization software.

According to the company, attendees to the Irvine event were noticeably excited by additive manufacturing (AM) simulation capability that is expected to be included in the next release of Vericut, version 8.1. “Additive Manufacturing applications are limitless for manufacturers,” says Gene Granata, Vericut product manager. “Adding this cutting-edge technology to Vericut provides unique solutions that address the needs of our customers taking advantage of the rapidly expanding AM market.”

With more manufacturers adopting AM, the addition of this capability is timely, the company says. Simulating the same NC code that will drive the CNC machine, Vericut 8.1’s AM functionality enables companies to virtually experiment with additive and traditional subtractive processes to determine the safest, most optimal hybrid production method.


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