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2/5/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Weiler Abrasives Raises over $68,000 for United Way Poverty Initiatives

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Weiler Abrasives employees pledged $38,296 in support of poverty initiatives for the United Way of Monroe County, Pennsylvania, and received a corporate match of $30,000 that elevated their 2018 campaign to over $68,000.

Weiler Abrasives raised over $68,000 in 2018 to support the United Way of Monroe County, Pennsylvania, with help from a corporate match. The donations will serve to support local United Way programming initiatives for residents facing poverty. These initiatives include access to healthy food and programming for working families, as well as critical housing services and more.

Weiler Abrasives reports that 24 percent more employees donated compared to the 2017 campaign, and the company exceeded its fundraising goal by 6.3 percent.

“The United Way of Monroe County offers services that have such a positive impact on those in need,” says Cristina Matos, Weiler Abrasives sales and marketing analyst and United Way committee chairperson. “We are so excited that we can work together with this great organization to help make the community a better place.”

Ms. Matos led a United Way committee of 14 employees from key departments at Weiler Abrasives, providing employees with direct access to representatives familiar with the organization’s mission and programming. According to Ms. Matos, this provided employees with greater insight to the value of the United Way programs serving their community.

The United Way committee also hosted the Weiler Abrasives Fourth Annual Golf Tournament in September as a means to raise funds for the campaign, while October featured a variety of raffles to bolster. The company held its pledge month in November. The majority of contributions were collected directly during this time and by way of raffling larger, donated items.

Weiler Abrasives has been a supporter of the United Way of Monroe County, Pennsylvania, since 2002.


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