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7/16/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Zoller Showcases "Smart Factory" Solutions at Open House Event

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Zoller Inc. recently showcased its “Smart Factory” solutions at an Open House and Innovations Days event at its new headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

Zoller Inc. recently welcomed visitors to its North American headquarters and Industry 4.0 Technology Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for a two-day Open House and Innovations Days event. The event focused on the company’s “Smart Factory” solutions, including tool presetting and measuring, tool inspection, software, and automation solutions.

A variety of company products were highlighted at the event.

  • The SmileCompact manual table-top tool presetter is said to ensure fast, easy tool measurement prior to machining. 
  • The Venturion tool presetter features the company’s All Clamping Elements (ACE) spindle for a change-over accuracy of 1 micron, the company’s pilot 3.0 software, and the eQ one-hand control handle. Its speed, flexibility and connectivity are said to prepare companies for Industry 4.0.
  • The company’s Redomatic presetting, measuring and heat-shrinking machine for the automotive industry is said to have a cycle time of less than one minute. It also features Asza automatic length adjustment for accuracy in heat shrinking to ±10 microns.
  • The company’s Smart Cabinets, when paired with the company’s TMS Tool Management Solutions software, can enable advanced inventory control to efficiently manage tools and accessories, including storage location, stock levels, tool assemblies, individual components and article characteristics. 

General Manager Dietmar Moll gave the keynote presentation. The event also featured technical breakout sessions from company executives which focused on topics such as tool inspection solutions, the company’s PomBasic process-oriented measurement machine, TMS Tool Management Solutions software and an art to part demonstration. 

The company plans to host a second Innovations Days event in 2019. 


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