2D Laser Cutting Machine Features 8-kW Solid-State Laser


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Trumpf offers its TruLaser 5030 fiber laser machine with an 8-kW TruDisk laser. According to the company, the machine can process thin materials at high speed as well as thick material with high quality. The X, Y and Z axes measure 3,000 × 1,500 × 115 mm, respectively. A stable machine concept enables precise contour cutting. With the company’s BrightLine fiber, the machine can process steel as thick as 1", and stainless steel and aluminum as thick as 1.5".

Features contributing to productivity include mobile machine operation and monitoring with the MobileControl app; a Drop&Cut function for fast and efficient post-production; and efficient use of remainder sheets. The laser source, machine, optics, optional cutting technologies, automation, storage systems and software are all developed by Trumpf to work in tandem for maximum performance and low cost-per-part.


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