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3D Printing System Features Continuous Batch Production

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The CAMS polymer 3D printing system features a large build-volume and high temperature capabilities.


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As the first entry of its Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution (CAMS) concept, Farsoon announced the development of the FS1000P large platform, high-temperature-capable CAMS system. The polymer 3D printer will have a 1,000 × 500 × 500-mm build volume and will be able to reach a build-chamber temperature as high as 220°C, enabling the production of high-performance parts with materials such as PA6, PA12 and TPU, the company says.

Combined with the large build volume, the system features a continuous batch production capability and fully digital multi-laser and scanner systems. The company designed these features to pursue high-throughput continuous production with little downtime between builds. The company designed the manufacturing center to be part of a modular system which will feature future modules to address automated powder handling, part breakout and postprocessing.

The CAMS concept is fully compatible with both plastics and metals, and the company will release further information on their large platform metal CAMS system.

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