Air Nozzle Useful For Cleaning, Drying, Cooling And More

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When mounted 12' away from the target, Exair Corporation’s 1/2 NPT Super air nozzle provides 3.3 lbs of blowing force. According to the company, this is useful for blowing heavy materials or for applications in which the nozzle cannot be mounted close to the surface.


Because of the aerodynamic design, the nozzle is said to direct air to a single point of convergence, delivering a concentrated stream. The compressed air is ejected through a series of holes located in the recessed grooves of the nozzle surface. This promotes safe operation because the airflow that exits the nozzle cannot be blocked, as mandated by OSHA. At 80 psig, the air consumption is 60 scfm.


Other features include a zinc aluminum alloy construction and 1" hex body for installation using a standard wrench or socket. Applications for which the product is suited include part drying, machinery and parts cleaning, chip removal, part ejection, liquid blowoff and cooling hot parts.


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