Angle Head Deploys Swivel Module for Indexing


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Koma Precision introduces the Index series of angle heads from Alberti, designed with the aim of meeting the need for performing machining operations in several directions. The series represents a combined system made up of a swiveling module and a standard angle head. 

The main characteristic of the system is its ability to rotate and then position the head automatically using the controlled axis of the machine spindle. The technology within the module enables “anchoring” of the head with the machine spindle to achieve an automatic position in the machining direction so that it can then operate like a standard angle head using the spindle rotation.

The system is operated by 6 bar compressed air through the stop pin or by a closed hydraulic circuit controlled by a piston. The entire system can be automatically exchanged by the toolchanger and can mount heads with collet capacity ranging to 10 mm in diameter.

The company says that the system makes possible the use a single head for multiple operations, avoiding additional workpiece setups or tool changes.