Beaumont's FH40 Fast-Hole EDM Delivers Quicker Response Time


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Beaumont Machine FH40

Beaumont Machine has updated its core fast-hole FH40 EDM with added features, including a faster response time. According to the company, fast-hole EDM requirements in aerospace include a lower recast and virtually no microcracking. As a result, the FH40’s power supply and control have been engineered for faster response time, benefiting micro-pulse, breakthrough hole-start and blind-hole drilling. 

Additional features of the FH40 include offsite diagnostics via analog or digital inputs; 16-axis capability; 3- to 5-arcsecond accuracy on the rotary table; axis squareness of 0.0004"; repeatability of 0.0002"; 24" electrode capacity; rapid traverse speeds of 400 ipm in the X, Y and Z axies and 200 ipm in the W axis; spindle speed of 3,000 rpm; output of up to 65 A continuous; and the choice of either a Siemens Sinumerik 840D or FANUC 31i CNC.