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8/9/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Boring Mill Simplifies Setup for Medium-Size Workpieces

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IMTS 2018: UnionChemnitz presents the TM 125 compact boring mill with Monolith technology for workpiece weights ranging to 10 t.


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UnionChemnitz presents the TM 125 compact boring mill with Monolith technology for workpiece weights ranging to 10 tons. Based on the company’s T series, the machine is said to combine the advantages of a classic, table-type boring mill with the characteristics of a machining center. It has a large traverse range, freedom for both machining and accessibility, and a table load-bearing capacity ranging to 10,000 kg. It is designed for the efficient and economical machining of medium-size workpieces with a work area of 1,600 × 2,000 × 2,500 mm. 

The machine does not need a foundation and can be set up in one single, complete unit, simplifying assembly and minimizing setup space. The torsionally rigid and thermo-stable machine bed made with a sandwich design consists of a cast iron ribbed top, a fiber-reinforced, high-performance mineral concrete middle section, and a floor plate made of steel and special damping elements. As there is no metal connection between the top and bottom sections, vibration is effectively damped. 

The machine has been designed for the manufacture of prototypes and the production of small, medium-size and large series. The boring spindle has a diameter ranging to 125 mm, drive power ranging to 34 kW, torque ranging to 1,660 Nm, and speed ranging to 6,000 rpm.


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