CAD/CAM Update Eases Job Startup


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CGS North America will demonstrate the latest version of its Cam-Tool CAD/CAM software, designed to machine molds or dies that require minimal to no polishing.

Version 10.1 includes an expansion of the EZ Launcher feature, which eases job startup, and the addition of a "corner rad" function and more toolpath types to enable a smoother corner transition in finishing routines. Other improvements include increased direct connection at startup with the machine being programmed; increased automated preparation of the tool paths and selection of the areas to be machined through 2.5 Structures; and an improved "protrusion divide" function for finishing.

The company also will demonstrate Version 4.1 of the software’s add-in to SolidWorks. According CGS, the add-in’s ability to apply 3D and 2D tool paths directly to the SolidWorks model  will minimize handwork and polishing on electrodes, inserts, slides, lifters, and core and cavity components. Wire EDM capability also has been improved.


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