CAM Eases Multi-Task Machine Programming


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Gibbs and Associates, developer of GibbsCAM CAM software, will highlight the latest version of its multi-task machining (MTM) solution and automated programming capabilities. According to the company, GibbsCAM’s easy-to-learn user interface walks customers through complex part programming and enables users to see an accurate simulation of the part being machined. The latter functionality is designed to prevent costly mistakes by providing full visualization of errors like tool interference and gouges before the part reaches the shop floor.
New developments in automated programming include the introduction of “smart features.” Smart features are said to speed part programming by retaining data about part features, including depths, clearances and feature types (pocket, boss, slot and so on). This is said to help users quickly and automatically create part programs to customer specifications.
The company’s will also showcase the programming speed improvements resulting from the use of multi-core and multi-threading technology in the recently released GibbsCAM 2012+.

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