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1/8/2014 | 1 MINUTE READ

CAM Suite Features High-Efficiency Strategy

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PartMaker Inc., a division of Delcam Plc., has released PartMaker 2014, featuring Delcam’s Vortex high-efficiency strategy for area clearance.

PartMaker Inc., a division of Delcam Plc., has released PartMaker 2014, featuring Delcam’s Vortex high-efficiency strategy for area clearance. The high-speed roughing technology controls the maximum engagement angle of the cutter in the material so that the angle calculated for the programmed step-over is never exceeded, even in internal corners. According to the company, this strategy enables deeper cuts than those traditionally used in roughing operations, including depths of cut ranging to the full flute length.

The 2014 release also includes improved functionality to support the automated programming of back-turning tools used for small part operations such as Swiss machining. 2D pocketing has been improved to enable more efficient and intelligent material removal from these pockets. The raster finishing strategy in PartMaker ASM has also been enhanced to produce less fragmented tool paths without overlaps when machining complex shapes, thus improving part surface finish. Removing overlaps also reduces cycle time by preventing over-machining of parts and minimizing lifting of the tool, the company says. Lead-in and lead-out dialogs have been combined into one form, enabling faster entering of moves.

A new NC Program Viewer function improves NC code analysis to help achieve optimum productivity from the machine. This functionality can be applied automatically to combinations of machine controls with multi-axis turn-mill machines and Swiss-type lathes. The software’s tool database now includes explicit selections for tapered end mills, neutral turning tools and back-turning tools. Additionally, users have a choice between flat-bottom, bull-nose or ball-nose end mills when creating a new end mill.


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