Clamping Line Accommodates Large Aerospace Parts

The Schunk Vero-S Aviation product line clamps large parts accurately, enables the parts to be moved, and establishes data points through four modules.


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The Schunk Vero-S Aviation product line is designed to clamp large parts accurately while also enabling the user to reduce the clamping force on the part to allow it to move. This ability compensates for the stresses of machining, according to the company. The clamp, unclamp and reclamp process can be done in under a minute without losing the established primary reference datums.

The product achieves these capabilities through the use of four modules. The first module is fixed in all axes to establish the primary reference point. The second module enables the workpiece to compensate in the X axis. The third module enables the workpiece to compensate in the X and Y axes. The fourth module enables compensation in all axes, including height and angularity.

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