CNC Touch Screen Controller

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The company is announcing the release of its new CamSoft CNC TouchScreen controller. The controller's black powder coated steel frame, says the company, is designed to be scratch-resistant and contaminant-resistant to accommodate harsh shop environments in regards to dirt, material debris, liquids, harsh chemicals and operator handling. Performance is said to be unaffected by everyday contaminants. The black keyboard is replaceable with any standard keyboard. The controller's thin design weighs approximately 40 lbs. The back of the controller is designed with a standard VESA 75 mm mounting bolt hole pattern that can be connected to a prefabricated mounting arm or a custom mounting solution. The touch screen portion is a 15" LCD flat screen monitor that has been treated with a transparent coating said to increase durability by resisting scratches and abrasions. The company says the flat panel touch screen eliminates loss of screen image size around the borders, as opposed to curved CRT monitors, thus providing a full 15" of viewable screen. The touch response is accurate, fast and reliable, according to the company. The controller comes pre-wired with user-configurable cycle start, feedhold and emergency stop buttons that connect to standard input connections. A key on/off lock also comes standard to lock out people from making machine parameters changes, NC program changes or just from interrupting the normal operation of the machine. Wiring schematics are included. The remaining virtual buttons, knobs and gauges are all programmable within the company's CNC Professional, CNC Plus and CNC Lite PC-based machine tool controller software. Users can customize their controllers to include additional virtual items they need. Pressing on the touch screen portion of the controller activates these virtual items. The company also offers choices of computers, motors and motion cards in one to eight axis configurations to complete the CNC machine tool control package.

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