Compact CMM Brings Advanced Capabilities

IMTS 2018: LK Metrology will join Nikon in its booth and feature the Altera S multi-purpose compact coordinate measurement machines (CMMs).


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LK Metrology will join Nikon Metrology in its booth to feature its Altera S multi-purpose, compact coordinate measurement machines (CMMs). All the company’s CMMs will be fitted with the company’s Camio8 multi-sensor CMM software and Renishaw Modus software. The displayed Altera S will be equipped with a Nikon L100 laser scanner. 

The Altera S is a compact, multi-purpose CMM with advanced capabilities. The machine is multi-sensor ready, enabling the user to expand the capability of the CMM as requirements change without the need for expensive controller upgrades.

Camio8 software’s productivity benefits are said to enable manufacturers to focus on accelerating lead times and improving product quality while reducing costs. The software’s interoperability across CMM platforms, sensor technology and manufacturing sites is said to guarantee longevity of investment in software and inspection programs.

Also on display is the Altera M high-speed, production-type CMM with probe and laser scanning for automotive and aerospace applications.

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