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CYCLO GRIP Milling Chuck

The new MAG CYCLO GRIP Milling Chuck grips end mills with 4,700 pounds of clamping force and .0004 runout. This tool holder is ideal for hard metal cutting using large diameter end mills. It can also be used to hold shank style tools including back-spotfacing tools.


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MAG’s CYCLO GRIP tool holders eliminate large end mills from pulling out during heavy milling cuts. Our patented holders have less than .0004 runout, which is particularly important when making heavy milling cuts while maintaining even chip loads. All tools are loaded with standard wrenches and do not require special tools or torque wrenches. MAG’s tool holders can not be damaged by over tightening, a major problem with hydraulic style chucks. We stock over 3,000 part numbers ranging from CAT and BT 40 to HSK125A.

MAG offers a complete line of standard and high performance solid carbide end mills and drills with over 6,000 sizes and lengths in stock for immediate delivery. Our round tooling portfolio includes HSS cobalt end mills, ideal for machining titanium and high temperature alloys. Our tooling also includes a large selection of PCD tooling for milling and drilling of composite materials.

MAG supports all manufacturing industries with a complete line of premium metalworking fluids, corrosion inhibitors and cleaners. The patented advance lubrication technology of CYCLO COOL 5000 has repeatedly proven to outperform conventional heavy duty synthetics and soluble oils, when machining high temperature alloys and titanium. MAG’s CYCLO COOL 1800 and 2000 semi-synthetics are durable and resilient products for machining a variety of ferrous and nonferrous applications.

For more information on the CYCLO CUT and CYCLO COOL product lines, visit http://www.maint-tech.com/products-and-services/productivity-solutions.html or contact Will Gruber at 859.534.4597, will.gruber@mag-ias.com or Roger Romas at 859.534.4574, Roger.Romas@mag-ias.com.


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