Deburr Cross-Holes At The Spindle

J. W.

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J.W. Done says the flexibility of the Orbitool allows it to reach and deburr areas that are inaccessible to conventional rigid tools, such as cross-holes at the spindle. Common methods to remove cross-hole burrs include sandblasting, extrude hone or manual deburring with knives, abrasive stones, brushes, burs and others. The Orbitool provides a more cost-effective, streamlined operation, the company says. The tool is suited for a controlled-process environment, and it eliminates the need for a batch-and-queue deburring. It can also reduce deburring cycle time in manual or automated operations.

The tool consists of a carbide cutter and polished steel disk fixed onto a flexible tool steel shaft. The disk is slightly larger than the cutter, which prevents cutting or damage to the part until the tool reaches the intersection, the company says. As the tool feeds into the cross-hole, the preloaded flexible shaft “pushes” the tool against the edge and begins deburring.

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