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The company says its UFL technology is a principle of design for high-performance drilling tools. It is based on the use of a special flute profile that is said to provide large chip spaces along with a high degree of tool rigidity. In connection with a helix angle of 40 degrees, this profile possesses excellent chip transport properties, according to the company. A U-Form drill point creates a constant rake angle along the entire cutting-edge width and functions as a point thinning at the same time. This is said to result in controlled chip breakage, low feedforce and cutting forces as well as good centering properties. The properties of the UFL geometry and the Tinal Futura hard material coating are a complement to the development of HSS-Co twist drills, which the company says offer outstanding performance characteristics. The new tools possess the performance characteristics of the A 1149 TIN and A 1249 TIN drill models but with longer tool life, according to the company. The range of uses for these drills extends from structural and tempering steels and aluminum alloys right up to non-ferrous metals. With this new series of tools, the product range of the high-performance drills has now been extended for the first time to include dimensions according to DIN 340. The company says this drill program combines universal use with high performance.

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