Dual-Swivel Band Saw Designed for Versatility, Precision

IMTS 2018: DoAll’s DS-600SA StructurAll-series dual-swivel band saw is designed for cutting linear or angular material.


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DoAll’s DS-600SA StructurAll dual-swivel band saw is designed for cutting linear and angular material. The semi-automatic, dual-miter, metal-cutting band saw has a machine rectangle capacity of 18" × 23 ½" (460 × 600 mm), a round tube capacity of 18" (460 mm) and a round solid capacity of 15 ¾" (400 mm). The saw can perform miter angle cuts as large as 60 degrees left and right. 

The band saw comes with a digital readout (DRO) that enables users to verify exact cutting angles. It is also a horizontal-structural scissor saw for machine shops, repair facilities and industrial manufacturing plants that need to occasionally cut solid metal and profile material. Accessories are available to customize the machine for specific sawing requirements.