Durable Exair Power Supply Eliminates Shock Hazards

EXAIR’s Gen4 Four-Outlet Selectable-Voltage Power Supply includes multiple design features to enhance durability and eliminate shock hazards.


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A press photo collage of the EXAIR Four-Outlet Power Supply and compatible products

EXAIR’s new Gen4 Four-Outlet Selectable-Voltage Power Supply allows operators to choose input voltages of 115 V AC or 230 V AC, and allows them to energize up to four static eliminators simultaneously through the four 5 kV stainless steel output connectors. Compatible products include EXAIR’s Gen4 Super Ion Air Knives, Ion Air Guns, Ion Air Cannons and Ionizing Bars. Like all EXAIR Gen4 products, the four-outlet power supplies are UL-component recognized and CE- and RoHS-compliant.

These power supplies also feature an electromagnetically shielded modular power supply cable that eases routing and connections. An integrated fuse on the primary protects against voltage spikes, while the lighted power switch indicates operation and is field-replaceable. A durable metal enclosure (6” x 4.0” x 4.4”) ideal for rugged, industrial environments houses the power supply. Gen4 static eliminators with bayonet-style connectors can insert these connectors into the power supply, where the depth of the electrical connection helps prevent shock hazards.

Gen4 static eliminator products using this power supply are all shockless and include armored high-voltage cables which resist abrasion and cuts.