Dust Collector Dissipates Static Charges for Explosive Dusts



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The HemiPleat FR Carbon dust collector filter from Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC) combines flame-retardant and conductive properties in a single filter designed to offer long service life and energy-efficient performance. The carbon-impregnated filtration media is designed for dust-handling applications that require flame resistance as well as dissipation of static charges. The filter is suitable for use with materials including metal dusts; fumed silica dust; plastic, PVC or composite dusts; pharmaceutical dusts; and carbon black/toner dusts. The cartridge filters are especially suited to explosive dust applications, making it possible to conform to NFPA and ATEX requirements and lessen the risk of ignition sources due to static electricity charges.

The two-in-one conductive/flame retardant filters enable the use of dry media-type dust collectors in applications where they otherwise could not have been used, the company says. They are available in two types: the HemiPleat open-pleat, high-efficiency media, or the HemiPleat Extreme nanofiber media which offers a MERV 15 efficiency rating and enhanced performance on difficult dust/fume applications and highly explosive processes.