ECM System Designed for High-Precision Applications


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Emag offers the Comfort Standard (CS) electro-chemical machining (ECM) system. ECM is a non-contact machining process that uses electrolytic dissolving of metal substrates and is well-suited for hard-to-machine exotic metals like Inconel, high-nickel alloys and titanium, among others.
According to Emag, the system minimizes mechanical stress, microcracking and tool life due to its lack of heat input. The stand-alone machine provides a machining area measuring 1,150 × 950 mm and a vertical travel of 300 mm, and is capable of cutting small or odd-shaped angles, intricate contours and cavities, including nano and thin-walled section contours. The system is designed to form the base of a modular machining concept, and is suitable for high-precision machining applications in the aerospace, automotive, medical and nano industries.