Edge Profiling Technology for Easier Bevel Cuts


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Hypertherm will showcase its new edge profiling technology, designed to help fabricators and CNC table manufacturers achieve accurate bevel cuts more easily and with shorter setup times. The bevel technology includes mild steel cut charts for all of the company’s HyPerformance HPRXD plasma systems. These cut charts contain parameters that will significantly reduce the amount of time and effort required to produce quality bevels using plasma, the company says.
According to Hypertherm, the edge profiling technology is similar to the True Hole process in that it makes it easy to consistently optimize bevel performance. The technologies are said to reduce trial and error time, leading to higher productivity, more throughput and less waste. The company plans to embed the cut charts in its CNC/CAM software.

Hypertherm also plans to preview a 3.0-kW fiber laser system, a 200-amp plasma system, the Powermax105, a new CNC, and a major update to its Phoenix software.  

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