Fastems' Work Cell Operations Domain Monitors, Controls Machining Cells


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Fastems MMS WCO

The Work Cell Operations (WCO) domain for Fastems’ Manufacturing Management Software (MMS) includes manual production tasks, work cells, and standalone machines in the IT-supported planning, control and monitoring of production. The software can be used either separately for machines or manual workstations or in combination with an automated pallet and/or workpiece handling system. 

According to Fastems, advantages for work preparation and shop floor control include time-optimized, automated production planning that takes the entire process chain into account, along with automatic detailed planning that allows production with smaller part buffers, among other parameters. In particular, employees on the shop floor can gain a clear view of what tools and materials are needed and which resources may be missing. Additionally, employees can know exactly which tasks are due in a shift as they are provided with clear, prioritized work lists. These various triggers are intended to improve the timeliness of resource ordering and transfer logistics so that tools and materials are always delivered on time to the machines, cells or flexible manufacturing systems (FMSs). If permitted, the employee at a machine or work cell also can access all important production documents and instructions via the WCO module. WCO can thus improve transparency about current information on manufacturing capacities, production output and order status.

The software also provides tools for combining automated and non-automated production steps in a uniform production management system. Functions such as deburring and parts washing can now be incorporated into cells and monitored along with CNC machine tools and the automation equipment integrated into the cell or FMS.