Five-Axis Machine’s Gantry, U-Shaped Base, Column Increase Rigidity


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Methods Machine Tools has expanded its Feeler line to include the gantry-style U-800 five-axis machining center, designed for versatile high-precision machining of large, heavy parts. The gantry-type structure allows large workpieces to be loaded and unloaded with ease. The gantry structure, together with a U-shaped base and column, increases structural rigidity, ensures high machining accuracy and exceptional surfaces finishes, the company says.

The machining center is equipped with a 27-hp, 12,000-rpm, direct-drive spindle for efficient high-speed machining. The work envelope measures 31.5" × 24", and the machine can accommodate parts weighing as much as 2,600 lbs. The tilting A axis has ±120 degrees of motion. Other features include linear guideways on the X and Y axes, box ways on the Z axis, and linear glass scales on the X, Y, Z, A and C axes for high accuracy and repeatability.

The U-800 machining center is equipped with a Heidenhain TNC-640 control. A servo-driven, 32-tool carousel automatic toolchanger (ATC) provides fast and smooth tool changes. A spindle chiller and automatic lubrication are also included. 


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